Indian Boy, Furqan Qureshi Died After Playing PUBG For 6 Hours

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Furqan Qureshi, 16 years old died after getting a severe heart attack while playing PUBG continuously for six hours. Furqan lived in Neemuch Town in Bhopal, India.

Furqan’s father told media that Furqan was a swimmer and always had a healthy heart, and never complained of any complication. The family had arrived in Neemuch for a wedding.

His family has made a statement that he started playing PUBG after having his lunch and at around 7 pm he (Furqan Qureshi) started shouting at other players before he was found unconscious in his room.

He was complaining of severe headache before he was collapsed. His sister was at the spot when this incident occurred.

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The severe heart attack possibly happened after a sudden shock. It is also possible that Furqan was playing the game for too long that could have pushed him into some sort of syndrome which made it worse for him to come out of it.

Dr. Ashok Jain also said that the excitement of playing PBUG caused a surge in adrenalin that further cause an increase in heart rate and then a severe heart attack which took his life.

Furqan’s brother Hashim is also a PUBG addict, but he has now confirmed that he has deleted the game from his phone after the demise of his brother.

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Few days back, after seeing the scale of young people getting addicted to social media and games, India had banned TikTok. And at one point the Indian Government also gave a thought to banning PUBG after most of the young adults and teenagers are becoming its victim.

Every parent must check on their children and track their habits to counter anything addicting right away before it gets worse and take their lives, just like Furqan Qureshi, who lost his life to a game at the age of 16.

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Hamko Akil

its not a problem of pubg. Its a self problem that playing games about 6 and 7 hours. So as a fact its not good if you say that that has to be responsible by some other. Parents should advice about it. Not the markzuckerbarg. Or hillary Clinton.

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