Pakistani 11 Year Old Kid Died Of Heart Attack While Playing Fortnite

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An 11 years old Pakistani kid, Fahad Fayyaz died of a heart attack while playing the famous video game fortnit. How often you heard such a young kid dying? That too of a heart attack? That’s pretty rare!

Fahad Fayyaz was the student of class 5, he was found dead in his room while playing a famous video game fortnit. He lived in the Model Town which is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Fahad had been taken to hospital after his friends arrived to play the same game what he was playing. Friends found Fahad lying unconscious with the controller gripped in his hand. Upon reaching the hospital, Fahad was pronounced dead due to a severe heart attack.

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As per the medical reports, Fahad went to his room at around 5 pm to play Fortnite, which was his routine. He wanted to play with his friends, but one of the friends had refused to join the game due to his own reasons, which made Fahad severely stressed out. After this, Fahad made the following comments, “If I lose this game, I will get a heart attack.

Fahad was so addicted to this game, despite his parents stopping him to play the but still he would play for hours.

Fahad’s uncle Riaz Khalid while grieving the death of young Fahad told the news that they would have never thought that a game would take his life. And advised the parents to keep an eye on the kids as they play games, and with gadgets.

Fahad’s parents were well awared of his addiction to the fortnite, and they did everything to stop him. But Fahad was so addicted to this game as he always found the way to play it for hours.

This incident is an alarm for every parent who has their kids stuck to the TV screens playing fortnite for hours. Many parents have started uninstalling games to keep their kids safe.

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