Fortnite Addiction Destroying The Minds Of Your Children

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Fortnite is a Battle Royale game which is going popular day by day, children, teenagers even adults are getting addicted to this game.

Just because the fact that it is a FREE TO PLAY game, and can be played on every device PC, Mobile or on a Console. It seems fun and entertaining at the start but there is a dark side of this which very few of us understand.

The people get so immersed in the game that it has turned into a mental illness. The World Health Organisation has listed this addiction as “Gaming Disorder” which comes under a mental illness.

WHO’s research defined the term Gaming Disorder as a child or a teen or even an adult showing more willingness to play the game even if they don’t want to. They are sacrificing their homework, daily activities or even skipping school to play it.

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If your child is doing this, then he or she is having Gaming Disorder which goes away by keeping such lethal things away.

Not just this, but Fortnite addiction is also stopping your children to think creatively, like trying to innovate or staying as good as they can but instead they’re trying to copy the Fortnite dances on their social media, which also shows that they have this game on their mind and nothing else.

Some cases have reported in the various parts of the world that children are spending their little saving on V-Bucks (In-game currency) to buy new skins and some of the mothers reported that their child has stolen their card or cash to buy v bucks.

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And lastly, this game has guns, grenades and what not. It’s all violence and nothing else, so this type of game is not very suitable for young kids because there is a chance that they might get inspired or try to fire a gun just to see how it feels.

So, if your child is on the way to be an addict of Fortnite, now is the right time to just uninstall that game and make your child mind free and less frustrated.

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