French Police Started Interrogating Muslim Children For Disliking Prophet Cartoons

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In Southeast France, the Albertville police attacked four homes of 10-year-old Muslim students because the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were not accepted by them.

France reportedly conducted in public schools and during a counseling session, one student from Arab origin and three students belonging from a Turkish origin were asked if they felt sorry for the murder of Samuel Paty who was killed last month by a teenager for displaying cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

It was declared by the trio that they felt sorry for Paty’s murder but the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad were not acceptable.

At the end of counseling sessions, the homes of students were attacked by the French police. One of the student’s fathers spoke to the TRT World and described the incident that on a morning shortly before 7 am on Thursday the armed police were at our door when we woke up and then with long-barreled weapons they stormed inside our house. The police assembled everyone in the living room in our pajamas. They were looking around in the house and keep us seated and searched in my daughter’s room and took pictures of the calligraphy on the wall frames and checked her book thoroughly.

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His daughter EY was taken to the station by the police. During the interrogation, The whole family and his wife were asked the same questions.

The family was treated like a terrorist, fingerprints were taken, and also the mugshots and even the headscarf was removed from his wife’s head for photographs.

At the police station, the family was not allowed to see their daughter. on Thursday evening around 5:30 pm, EY was set free. She was filmed and questions were asked during the interrogation. Until the judicial decision for her release, she was kept for more than 10 hours.

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sabaa othman

omg thats not right!! why isnt anyone talking about this

A Shabbir Ahmed

This is the Height of Arrogance, Authority and Islamophobia ever witnessed the world over.

The french are following the trail of the zionists who for 72 years have tortured and murdered children in Palestine.

May Allah Rain Down His Wrath on these infidels soon. Aameen

allan w massey

no words but WOW only why children?

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