Muslim Girl Banned From TikTok After Showing Support for Muslims in China

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Recently on Thursday, the famous Social Media Application “Tik Tok” expressed regret over the withdrawal of a video to its user which condemned China’s behavior with regards to Muslims. They stated that banned from TikTok was an error by “human moderation” which caused the removal of the video of November 23rd and the images have been replaced within an hour.

Due to the controversy, the video got 1.6 million views. Onwards, ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese owner had to face an inspection by the US National Security Panel on managing its user’s personal data.

The user, Feroza Aziz had posted a video of eyelash curling tutorial during which she had also discussed behavior problems the Muslims are going through to spread awareness.

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However, this week she stated on her Twitter that she got blocked from updating her TikTok account for one month. Along with which her viral video was taken down to be opened to user’s access, later on.

TikTok stated that the video was offline for 50 minutes only. Further, they said that it is necessary to clear that none of our community guidelines support such activities and it shouldn’t have been eliminated.

Whereas the foreign ministry of China added that the case didn’t consist of any specifics when inquiry was performed by Reuters on Wednesday. They also added that they need the Chinese organizations to operate according to the local laws and regulations and the international norms. Being inaccessible in China, ByteDance had developed a local version called Douyin.

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Feroza didn’t state “Uighurs” in her video although, later on she shared that she did refer to this ethnic group which is in minority.

The forecast had been done by United Nations experts and the right groups which supported the fact that at least a million Uighurs and other ethnic group members are held in the China camps in the far western area of Xinjiang. This fact created unpleasant reaction concerning international condemnation.

On the other hand, those camps are demonstrated as training and education centers by China.

Feroza Aziz verified through Twitter that TikTok replaced her account back, though all of her uploaded videos were removed.

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