Is Crab Halal? Can Muslims Eat It? 2024

Is Crab Halal

What is the ruling on eating crabs according to Islam? To find out, read the following explanation.

Is Crab Halal or Haram?

Crab is Partially Halal.

In fiqh, crabs are known as “al-hayawan al barma’i” meaning animals that live on land and sea; that is why scholars have different opinions in determining its law.

Maliki scholars state that it is permissible to eat crab meat because there is no nash or shahih explanation that forbids it in the Holy Quran or hadith.

Hanbali scholars also consider crabs are halal. However, Hanafi and Syafi’i scholars consider that the only halal aquatic animal to consume is fish, and it is not lawful to eat other animals. And since crabs are not fish, it is not legal to eat them.


Is It Safe For Muslims To Eat?

Although there are differences in whether crabs are halal, most scholars agree that crabs are safe and permissible to eat as long as they are correctly prepared, free from torture, and are neither toxic nor harmful to health.

Ending Note

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that there are differences between scholars regarding eating crabs. In the end, the decision to eat seafood such as crab or not is a personal decision.

If you want to be careful about this, you can consult an individual with extensive experience or even avoid eating crab altogether and replace it with other seafood alternatives.

Meanwhile, for those who like to eat crabs, you are free to follow the opinion of the scholars who make it lawful, as long as the crabs you eat are not toxic or pose a health hazard, and you must apply halal methods in processing them.

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