Emotional Farewell To A Loyal Maid By Saudi Family Will Leave You In Tears

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Loyal maid got a very emotional farewell as the people came to drop her at the airport to say goodbye to her. At least three generations came to the airport to drop a Filipino housemaid.

Filipino loyal maid worked for 33 years in the house of this Saudi family. In the video which shows the employer family came to drop her at the airport, the housemaid and Saudi family were both in tears.

Videos of her farewell shared all across social media, especially facebook and twitter. This housemaid looked after almost 2 generation during her 33 years of service in his Saudi Family. This Saudi family came to the airport to drop her and bid their farewell to their loyal employee by booking her a flight to the Philippines.

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These videos were further shared by many people all around the world. And Saudi Arabian media had given it full coverage while many Saudi journalists shared the videos as well.

This emotional video has crossed a number of video views all around the world. This video shows the 33 years old maid in tears as she departs to the Philippines after doing thirty-three years of service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the shade of this Saudi family.

People often do not like the place where they work, but this video is something you will not see in your daily life, we should learn a lesson from her loyalty and motivation towards her work that she kept working until she could walk and at the end, she got a very beautiful goodbye.

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It is the very beautiful thing to witness that the love between these people still cherishes one’s feeling for their love and the people around them. This video is indeed worth watching as it carries a lot of emotions which can not be described in words unless you watch the video.


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