Death Toll Rises To 116 After Missile Hit Mosque in Yemen

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Biggest information is just received from Yemen stating that approximately 80 Muslims soldiers were found dead and another report claimed that approximately soldiers ranging from 116 have been killed through an airstrike missile and a drone attack blaming the Houthi rebels, on a Mosque present in the military camp in Yemen’s province, Marib.

The Foreign Ministry of Yemen has strongly condemned the missile attack done by the Houthi rebels through Twitter this Sunday. This attack has caused the death of more than 100 and higher then dozens were found injured, they further stated.

Most of the people died were the soldiers, the Yemen army spokesperson claimed, however a lot of civilians also died in the attack with these soldiers. The Houthi group will definitely face a strong retaliation, he shared.

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It was observed clearly that the dead bodies were on the floor and the carpet was filled with their blood forming the whole carpet in red color when a lot of news UAE’s channels broadcasted a video revealing the aftermath to the locals. The mosque of Al-Nasr camp is situated about 17km from Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen during the evening prayer timings of the Muslims.

We all should pray for the victim souls and say no to future wars as the 116 families lost their fathers, brothers, sons, husbands etc following the attack. May Allah ease their patience and grant all of the deceased Muslims with a higher place in Heaven.

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Being a Muslim, it is our prior responsibility at the moment to pray for their forgiveness from Allah SWT. As a lot of them may not have anyone left to pray for them and as Allah states that He forgives them and saves from the torment of the grave and raises their rank in the Paradise.

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