Changing Adhan (Azaan) As Per Hadiths Because of Weather or Epidemic

Changing Adhan Azaan Hadiths Weather Epidemic

We have been seeing the Mosques in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait and UAE changing Adhan (Azaan) because of Coronavirus.

Many of the readers have been emailing us to give the evidence from Hadiths that proves that changing Adhan (Azaan) can be true. As per hadiths, the adhan can be changed due to various reasons, when the weather is bad, such as extreme cold or Storm or any natural disaster or because of any Pandemic or epidemic.

changing azaan hadith

Shaikh AL Albaani also mentioned the number of Hadith narrations on this Sunnah.

Changing Adhan (Azaan) Hadith in Bukhari

From those Hadiths; Abdullah ibnil Haarith narrated a hadith which was also mentioned by Ibn Abbas;

Changing Adhan Hadith bukhari

Abu Dawud narrated the same hadith with the following words;

Hadith to change azaan abu dawud

This hadith is also collected by Bukhari 2/307 and also mentioned in Ibn Majah (300) and Muslim.

Naafi narrated Ibn Umar’s hadith

Dua to change adhan bukhari hadiths

According to the Hadith narrated by Amr Ibn Aws

change azaan nasai hadith

According to the Hadith of Nuaym Ibn Nahhaam

musnad ahmed hadith to change adhan

This hadith is collected by Ahmed 4/320, according to the scholars that Hadiths can be found in all books with different wordings but the meanings are the same.

Nuaym Ibn Nahhaam also stated

change adhan musnad ahmed 1

The scholar has also mentioned a version in Mujam Al Kabeer of Imaamut Tabaraani that further elaborates it as;

adhan mujam al kabeer 2

The scholar mentioned a note that shows its importance.

“The change of ‘hayyaa ‘alas Salaah Hayyaa alal Falaah’ to ‘As Salaatu Fir Rihaal’ is allowed when there is a rainy day or the day when it becomes impossible for a person to go out and pray at mosques.

According to Abu Hurairah (RA)’s Hadith

Azaan hafeedh al iraaqi 3

The scholars have concluded a few points from these hadiths about Changin Adhan;

  • Scholars agree that these Ahadeeths allows us to change the Adhan (Azaan) to give people ease of praying during bad weather, natural disaster or an epidemic.
  • These wordings are allowed while changing an Adhan;
  1. Saloo fee buyootikum: Pray in your houses
  2. Alaa Saloo fir Rihaal: Will you not pray in your abodes
  3. Saloo fir Rihaal: Pray in the houses
  4. Saloo fee rihaalikum: Pray in your abodes
  5. Wa man Qa’ada falaa haraja alaihi: and whoever remains (at home) then there is no harm upon him
  6. Wa man Qa’ada Falaa Haraj: and whoever remains (at home) then there is no harm
  7. As Salaatu Fir Rihaal: The prayer (will be established) in the abodes
  • The addition of words can be done after ‘Hayaa ‘alal falaah’ in the Adhan.
  • The ease is given to the believers as per hadith to continue praying.

Scholars also ask people to recite Dua for Coronavirus Protection after every Salah. Do share this important information with your friends and family to let them know about it.

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