Saudi Arabia Suspends Prayers In All Mosques, Except Masjid al-Haram and Nabawi

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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia Suspends Prayers in Mosques all across the country, except for Two holy mosques, Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an Nabawi.

This decision motivates people to pray at home rather than praying at the mosques to restrict the spreading of Coronavirus.

It is allowed as per shariah to suspend all the prayers including Jummah prayer at the mosque during an epidemic, Saudi Press Agency told in a statement.

The statement further elaborated that the two holy mosques Masjid al-Haram and Nabawi are exempted from this instruction. According to the statements, the mosques will only open for the Call to prayer (Adhaan).

From tomorrow, Saudi Arabia will also change the Adhan just like Kuwait did a few days back. The statement also ensures that the Muazzins change the phrase “Come to Salah” by Pray at your home as per the hadith. Also, see Hadiths that allows Change of Adhan (Azaan)

Adhan Azaan change hadith

Earlier, Ulema has declared that it is forbidden (Haram) for coronavirus patients to go mosques. The statement further emphasizes that Muslims should pray Jummah Prayer (Friday prayer) at their homes.

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The reason why Saudi Arabia suspends Prayers is that the Government of Saudi Arabia doing their best they can to take the precautionary measures to tackle Corvid-19 within the region. The holy mosques also see a large number of travelers from all around the world.

First Changed Adhan in Quba Mosque after the Announcement

Saudi Arabia has also banned Umrah pilgrims to enter the country to keep Covid-19 out of the holy sites. As the coronavirus cases are on the rise in Saudi Arabia, the health authorities are doing their best to disinfect the areas and testing every concerned person to get tested for coronavirus.

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Following the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, UAE also suspended the prayers in all mosques in the country and restricting people to not to attend crowded places.

Ulema of the world are encouraging people to recite Dua for Coronavirus as much as they can.

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