Bible Is More Violent Than Quran, Foreign Author Gives His Analysis

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Bible and Quran both are Holy books sent from Allah through His messenger. But we all know that with the passage of time people changed the text of bible according to their satisfaction.

But as a. Muslim we all have to strongly believe in that from the first day to till date Quran is as it is. No one can change a single word of it. Because Allah is a protector of holy book Quran.

Here is an analysis of a person who makes this confusion clear that violence is more common in Bible than Quran.

In the blog entry, Mr Anderson clarified that:

The undertaking was enlivened by continuous open points of interest around regardless of whether psychological warfare associated with Islamic fundamentalism reflects something inalienable and particularly fierce about Islam contrasted with other religion’

Utilizing content examination by utilizing programming, he had created, named Odin content, He dissected both the new worldwide adaptation of both new and old confirmation and also English dialect form of the Quran from 1957. It took only a few minutes to peruse full three books.

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By categorizing the words into eight emotions, joy, anticipation, anger, disgust sadness, surprise, fear, and trust. The analysis found the bible scored higher for anger and less for the trust that the Quran. Amazing, isn’t it? We were amazed too!

So, we know that Quran always encourages the peace and love. Allah teaches us in Quran to love every human, protect them and respect them.  We as a Muslim believe that Allah is the protector of Quran and its teaching. We can’t claim that there is something wrong. No one can change it. Quran is the best book which helps us in all the ways of life.  May Allah protect all of us from sins and make our faith strong. 



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