Belgium Bans Hijab In Universities

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Thousands of Muslims took to the street in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to protest after Belgium bans hijab in Universities.

Three Belgian NGOs have organized an event called #HijabIsFightBack that represented fighting for social inclusion and Muslim women.

Recently a top court in Belgium allowed the ban on “religious symbols” at Universities, which also includes Hijab.

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The protest was done by women, including those who do not wear Hijab, they say banning Hijab is a sign of discrimination and they’re there to show the solidarity with them.

Belgium Bans Hijab

Meanwhile, the protestors maintained social distancing as well as wore mask.

This decision came after a group of Muslim women challenged Francisco Ferrer College for now allowing their students to wear Hijab.

Some of the famous universities such as the University of Brussels and Catholic University of Leuven also protested against the ban and released a statement that students can wear Hijab if they want.

Hijab has become a growing issue in European countries, recently France had also put a complete ban on Hijabs. Recently, Burkini also faced a backlash in European countries.

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Protesters said that Hijab means everything to them, they feel secure in it. And forcing not to wear it is the worst kind of discrimination, and no one is talking about it.

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Indeed, Hijab is not merely a traditional Muslim Adult Girls/women/female dress, but it is also religious (Islamic) keen compulsory (in Islami Shariah language it is called Forzul ‘Ayn) Islamic Uniform, which is not neglect-able for an adult Muslimah, just like Salat, Siam, Hajj etc.

Under the above circumstances, the news of banning of Hijab is very sad information for Muslim Ummah of the world. We are hereby strongly condemned for the step of banning Hijab.

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