Afghan Air Attack In Kunduz Killed 101 Hafiz e Quran On Their Awarding Ceremony

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Kunduz witnessed a heart wrenching incident this morning when Afghan air attack, guided by American army hit the local madrassa which killed over 100 Hafiz e Quran.

Witness have stated that there were more than 300 people martyred in this incident. At the time of the attack, in this madrassa a ceremony had been taking place where over 100 students had to given a formal degree over complete memorisation of the Holy Quran which is also known as Hafiz E Quran.

There is a dispute in news that Aljazeera posted which stated that this attacked killed 30 Taliban leaders who were present at the ceremony but after few hours Taliban confirmed that they do not have any link with that Madrassa which Afghan Air force had bombed and their commanders are safe and sound.

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Eye witness have added that many of the innocent kids have died and most of them were Hafiz e Quran who were to be awarded the degrees upon complete memorisation of Quran. Moreover, the parents of these children and the teachers who used to teach in this Madrassa have also been killed in this brutal attack.

Mostly the children aged between 11 to 13 have died in this attack on Madrassa. The death toll is still increasing and doctors have said that there will be more casualties. Witnesses have accepted that Kunduz is a Taliban household but this ceremony was attended by children only who do not have any link with Taliban.

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United nations have taken notice of this event but United Nations’ role had been very dull when it comes to Muslim Massacre, people on social media are weeding the tears of blood after seeing the little dead bodies and questioning Afghan leadership and American government that WHO DECLARES WAR ON INNOCENT CHILDREN ?

What are your views on this sad event ? Let us know in the comments section below!

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