Adhan Heard For The First Time On Loudspeakers in London

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Adhan heard for the first time on loudspeakers in London after given the permission to say the call to prayer amid coronavirus lockdown.

During the current situation of the outbreak and with the start of the Holy month, Azaan (the call of prayer) is known to be followed from a mosque located in London.

The government of London permitted the Imam of various mosques to recite the call of prayer on the loudspeakers for the first time in history. This beautiful move followed in the city of the United Kingdom has impacted the Muslims positively.

The local Muslims of London are happy and content with this change. A lot of Muslims were observed paying respect to Adhan when crossing the streets. Besides, during the recitation of Adhan, the time traffic was called off for a short time. A few days earlier, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) also broadcasted and initiated Adhan throughout Britain.

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Adhan Heard For The First Time in London, UK on Loudspeakers

Thus on a regular basis, the British Muslims can now hear the call to Friday prayers over a BBC radio telecast. This might be a move from the BBC to soothe the Muslims residing throughout Britain over the current years of Islamophobia. Moreover, many rightist groups of Britain claim that the Muslims are behind the virus outbreak over there.

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They meant that the congregational prayers were the cause of the wide spreading of the coronavirus. At the present moment as the world is facing deterioration, our Mosques again have risen, mainly in Europe. In this way, they are offering an opportunity to stay united, irrespective of quarantine, which has touched our hearts. Other countries in Europe are indulged in the same act.

In the previous month, Adhan was recited for the first time in the Netherlands and Germany with the help of loudspeakers. Through this gesture, they want to show solidarity towards their Muslim community within this worldwide pandemic. As we can observe, COVID-19 has impacted and altered the whole world by having some good chances too.

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