773 Peaceful Palestinian Protesters Shot Last Friday

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773 Peaceful Palestinian Protesters Shot! This wasn’t a “Violent Terror Gathering”… Last Friday saw the beginning of a planned six-week long peaceful protest in a geographic region marred by bloodshed and violence.

30,000 Palestinian men, girls and kids marched close to the border with Israel, rigorous the proper of coming back for Palestinian refugees and their offspring to land occupied by Israel. The long protest and planned encampment is a trial to boost awareness before the expected relocation of the North American nation embassy from Tel Aviv-Jaffa to Israel.

However, once a couple of teams of young men began throwing stones, the already ready Israeli organisation snipers began to fireplace into the gang, wounding over 1400 protesters and killing sixteen.

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Despite later claiming that the attack was in response to “terrorist activity” close to the border, the IDF’s official Twitter account disclosed that the military presence had been by design ready and strengthened relating to the protest, even going up to now on the claim that they knew “where each bullet landed.” These tweets were deleted later.

With each, the world organization executive, António Guterres, and also the EU’s prime diplomat, Federica Mogherini, the job for freelance enquiries into the violence, the Israeli government is struggling to declare its actions.

The Israeli Defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, however, remained umbrageous, oral communication that he thought all of the troops accountable “deserve a commendation”.

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