Ten Major Indicators That Shows You Might Have Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder signs indicators
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Anxiety Disorder may be caused by a mental condition, a physical condition. But not everyone aware of it and has no proper knowledge about it.

There are many things that irritate us and make us anxious. So here are some anxiety problems and you must have to aware of them.

1. Excessive worry

There are some people who think a lot of every tiny or large thing. This habit can ruin your mental health. If you will be excessive worry about anything, then that worriedness creates anxiety disorder.

2. Sleep problems

Now a day’s people think that they are robots and they can work 24/7 but they forget that robots also need charging. When they are on charging they are switched off. So, we people also need proper sleep. If we can’t sleep properly we will become anxiety patient.

3. Irrational Fears

Another problem of anxiety disorder is Irrational fears. If the fear becomes overwhelming, disruptive then it will create mental or may be a physical problem for you.

4. Muscle tension

People who do exercise or gym on regular bases, they don’t have muscle tension problem. So, if you don’t do proper workout then you will face muscle tension problems and then after sometimes you will be anxiety patient.

5. Chronic indigestion

For proper physical and mental health, you must have diet conscious. You have to take the proper meal. If your digestive system is disturbed by your current diet or meal plan then you can face chronic indigestion problem and then obviously anxiety disorder due to this problem.

6. Stage fright

Some people have stage phobia they can’t face the audience so this fear can create anxiety disorder in a human.

7. Self-consciousness

Some people are too much self-conscious and you can also say conservative. They reserve their self for everything. So, this habit destroys public confidence badly and create anxiety problem for the rest of their lives.

8. Panic

Panic attacks can be horrible. You can feel helpless for sometimes and this is such a weird feeling among all. You feel that you can’t do anything with your life. And when you think in such way you can get anxiety shocks.

9. Perfectionism

People must have to know that perfectionism is not everything, Nobody is perfect in this world then why they struggle to be perfect. Just do work honestly and that’s enough for you to keep away from this anxiety disorder.

10. Self-doubt

Self-doubts are the main reason for failure in anything you do. If you don’t have public confidence then don’t worry you can overcome it after sometimes. But self- confidence is necessary to move on from the initial stage. If you can believe in yourself then you can do anything and achieve anything. But if you can’t overcome yourself doubts then you will become anxiety patient for sure.

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