3 Days After Iraq-Iran Earthquake, A Baby Found Alive!

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Iraq-Iran Earthquake was so strong that it claimed many lives. The magnitude of this earthquake was 7.3 which was felt on the border of Iran and Iraq.

Lives Claimed During Iraq-Iran Earthquake

Over 540 lives have been lost due to this strong earthquake, many people belonging to Iran lost their lives in this deadly earthquake. News channels reporting the number of injured people due to this earthquake has raised to over 8,100 people, this earthquake has labeled as the deadliest earthquake of 2017. The tensions are started to rise as the number of Death and Injured people have started to go up.

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Right after three days, a baby was found Alive who was stuck in the earthquake!

This baby was found in the rubble of the town called Sarpol-e-Zahab. Rescue guards have found him alive after two and a half day.

iran iraq earthquake 3 days found alive
Photo Credit: The Independent

This image shows this baby smiling and looks well. This image has been going viral among people living all over the globe, meanwhile, people living in Iran calling it a “Miracle” as the survival of this little kid after a deadly earthquake is not possible.

After the recue team has found this little angel, they continue their search for more people in this affected area. To be noted, Sarpol-e-Zahab was one of those areas which were badly affected by Iraq-Iran Earthquake which caused the displacement of over 70,000 people living in this affected area.

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In the affected areas the rescue teams have set up temporary tents to treat the people who are injured and giving treatment and living privileges to the people who lost their homes.

Rescue teams have asked people to help them out as they need more tents, food, water, and cans to store water in them. They need donations so they can rescue more people stuck in this deadly earthquake.

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