Muslim Student Waleed Khan Breaks World Record By Getting 2,400 in SAT

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Belonging from the Modesto High International Baccalaureate Program, Waleed Khan, a senior student recently succeeded to score a perfect 2400 in the SAT test. According to the counselors, it is the first time moment for Modesto.

What is the secret? Its practice!

Waleed shared it depends on the level of your preparation. The key is to practice. It helps you with observing the patterns and trick, in the end, making you quicker. Hoping to become a doctor, Waleed Khan had spent an hour per day for one week consistently and three hours on weekend days on studying and practicing for the test until the day of the exam appeared in November.

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On Tuesday, he also shared that his mind gets distracted easily. So he used to lock himself in his room and thus easily worked till the end of the decided time. The lock was temporarily done to force his brain to maintain the focus and to save him from the distractions by his younger siblings who used to call him every time to play Legos.

Among 1,698,521 students from the class of 2015, 504 students attempted the SAT test in order to reach the perfect score. The test of November is known to be his third attempt for SAT encouraging the past score of 2240 making an impressive mark. Representing the college readiness, the SAT benchmark appears to be 1550. However, between the ranges of top colleges, the senior is focusing on Stanford.

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Within Stanford, 25 percent of all the students possess a score of 2400 as per his research, Waleed stated. On receiving encouragement from his parents and Doctors, he decided to try again. Along with practicing, he also served his time in volunteering for a local Hospital, Key Club Community’s project, “Hope” project-based raising funds to develop a School in Africa, debate and speech meet and anti-tobacco projects throughout the nation.

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