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Video Of A Non Muslim Toddler Trying To Pray Salah Goes Viral

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Non Muslim toddler was seen performing Sajda in a video his sister posted  on social media, and it is going viral all around the world.

A twitter Kylia Merrell, sister of this toddler posted this video on her twitter account. In a tweet she said that her little brother took a mat out of his diaper box and start doing something strange. Added, she and her family could not figure out what is he actually doing. Later her family realised the toddler goes to a day care and his teachers are Muslims so he must have seen his teacher doing this and now he is doing it.

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Kylia Merrell that he does this thing on Mats and Blanckets, he never did it on a dirty places!

As soon as Kylia Merrell posted this video, people couldn’t stop themselves from loving this act of this adorable toddler.

Even many athiests have praised this act on their social media! Called it “Cute”.

Most of the people praised Kylia Merrell and her mother for allowing toddler to do so when the whole society is against Muslims. Which is indeed impressive!

Later, Kylia Merrell that she and her family belives in eqality and love and respect and they loved how their little kid was attracted towards Islamic religion.

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While many people said “world should learn from this little kid”. Asking people to give love and respect for Muslims living there.

IsntI it amazing how a non muslim toddler is attracted towards Islamic religion. This video is circulating all around the world and people are loving it.

When it was first posted by Kylia Merrell Muslim twitter users spotted that he is dping Sajda which Kylia Merrell’s realized later.

What dp you think about this cute video ? Do let us know about it in the comment section below.

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