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This App, Ummah.io Is A Complete Solution For Your Ramadan Routine

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Every Muslim has a tight schedule all Ramadan, and they mix up things which lead to missing important prayers and duas during the month of Ramadan.

Ummah.io is a platform which will bring all of your schedules in one place. This is a platform intended to make all Muslims lives easier.

Salah Times Reminder

ummah io
Photo: Ummah.io

Now, do not need to worry about missing Salah as this app has a feature that will put up reminders as per the location, meaning you don’t have to adjust timings again and again as this app is itself has the intelligence to get latest salah times and set that time as reminders.

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Daily Ayahs/Hadiths/Sayings

ummah io
Photo: Ummah.io

You will get daily Ayahs, Hadiths and beautiful Islamic sayings in this app, which you can share with your friends and can also post it online without any hassle.

Qibla Direction

ummah io
Photo: Ummah.io

Finding a Qibla when you’re out somewhere or living abroad is a hectic thing. Ummah.io brings Qibla detection in just one app and with the help of calibration, you will be able to locate Kaaba anywhere, anyplace!

Important Notifications For Muslims

Most of the Muslims misses important reminders to follow up or many duas which they should recite on specific days. But Ummah.io helps all the Muslims not to miss their important salahs, duas, and other stuff as it’s notifications will help you remind what to do when.

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All in One App!

Not just in Ramadan, this app is also very useful for the normal days like it helps you not to miss Salah by helping you remind when Muazzin calls the Azaan. And Ayahs and Quotes help you stick to Allah’s path by giving out inspirational sayings. Overall, it’s a complete app which is very helpful for every Muslim out there.

Download this app for Android, they will soon be releasing iOS version of this app.


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