20 Years Old Dream Fulfilled as a Man Performs Tawaf Alone

Man Performs Tawaf Alone

Recently, the picture went viral which showed a man performs Tawaf alone. Amazingly, 20 years later because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, he was all alone at the Holy Kaaba. This is the reason that people are always encouraged to have big dreams.

The Background Story of Man Performs Tawaf Alone

Before 20 years, this unknown luckiest man commuted for Hajj. There he saw a dream within Mina’s Masjid Al Khaif. After that, he wanted to visit the interpreters. They guided him to visit the Scholars. Among those Scholars, one was Sheikh Muhammad Al-Rumi. 

When he heard the dream he stated that one day you will be following Tawaaf in the Holy Kaaba by yourself only. After this interpretation, many people argued that it isn’t possible. The man also doubted the fact that the whole Tawaaf would get impacted or called off just for him.

Many years went by to this incident and its interpretation by many Scholars. No one was aware of the fact that the situation would go the same and appear in favor of that man. Before the month of Ramadan, the pandemic widespread impacted the whole world due to which the Higher Authorities of Saudi Arabia had to call off the entrance from every country to their own.

Only the locals were allowed to visit Tawaaf, that too, within a limited population. When he went for Tawaaf, as portrayed in the picture, he was all by himself following the rituals of Tawaaf.

person performing tawaf alone

Recently, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khudayr, the friend who shared this update (related to the man performs tawaf alone) also mentioned that his dream now came true and Al-Rumi interpreted it rightly. There are only a few people who actually believe in miracles. It is nothing less than a miracle to observe Holy Kaaba in the dream then to visit it in real life.

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