5 Things To Know About Masjid e Aisha / Masjid e Taneem In Makkah

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Located at a distance of few kilometers from the Holy Mosque (Masjid Al-Haram), Masjid e Aisha or Masjid e Taneem is a beautifully constructed mosque.

masjid e taneem aisha
Photo By: Havelian
  1. Many people from Makkah call it Masjid e Aisha but there are also other names attached to this mosque are Masjid e Taneem and Masjid e Umra.
  2. This mosque is of high importance. It is the area which is designated for the people of Makkah who wants to perform Umrah. The people (who wish to perform Umrah) should go to Masjid e Aysha and enter after waring Ihram for Umrah purpose. This place is the Miqat for the people of Makkah.
  3. Pilgrims who come from different parts of the world, or different cities in Saudi Arabia and want to perform more than one Umrah while staying in Makkah, should go to Masjid e Aisha to start wearing Ihram. Because Masjid e Aisha acts like a Miqat for the pilgrims as well.
  4. Anyone can reach to this mosque very easily by boarding a local bus. You can easily get a bus from Bab-e-Fahad. Bab-e-Fahad is the gate of Masjid Al Haram, located at the outskirts of Haram.
    These buses are very cheap and the distance between these two destinations is of 15 minutes only.
  5. The major reason why pilgrims visit this mosque to wear Ihram is that Aisha (RA) went to his mosque to enter Ihram. She and the Holy Prophet PBUH alongside other companions were going to Makkah to perform Umrah. Aisha (RA) couldn’t enter Ihram as she was having her menstruation.
masjid aisha makkah
Photo By: Islamic Landmarks

As this was a natural thing happens to every woman, Aisha (RA) was unable to perform that umrah. When she got purified and when she was able to perform it, she shows her desire to perform Umrah with Prophet Muhammad PBUH, then Prophet Muhammad PBUH told her to go outside Makkah and enter into the state of Ihram.

Aisha (RA) was guided to go to Masjid e Taneem (Masjid e Aisha) to enter Ihram. And this is the reason why it is called Masjid e Aisha.

(Source: Sahih Al Bukhari 1787)

Still, Muslims nearby Taneem goto Masjid e Taneem to enter Ihram. It is a beautiful mosque with a peaceful environment. This mosque has two doors to enter, one is for males and the other one is for females.

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Clean washrooms are located near this mosque, there are also some shops to purchase mats, Ihram and other essentials.

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