Teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH To Follow During Pandemic

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In these desperate times due to the COVID-19, During Pandemic, Muslims should follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Considering the aspects of life, Prophet’s (PBUH) steps during such crises are also ideal for us.

He (PBUH) asked us to do following things during a pandemic;

  • Advised locals to perform the Friday prayers within the home during the heavy rain.
  • Requested people to self-isolate during a plague.
  • He (PBUH) asked to maintain social distancing by not leaving the current area.
  • Ensured that the authority took care of the people’s basic needs.
  • Cooked soup to take care of the needy.

We can also;

  • Appeal people to donate generously and open state treasury for poor people.
  • Find volunteers to help the people to get the necessary items.
  • Counsel people to adopt hygiene rules in their routines.
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never limited anyone to keep washing their hands five times every day when performing ablution. However, He (PBUH) recommended performing overall physical cleanliness.
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Purifying the way of living:

quran 1770

As the verse mentioned above states, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to frequently encourage the Muslims to maintain measures of prevention in order to boost their immunity. In the past, few contagious diseases already took place.

In such cases, He (PBUH) always guided the believers of Allah to stay isolated. Also, if someone’s death took place because of the disease, He (PBUH) encouraged them to follow the rituals of burying on the spot.

It is also believed that at the time of emergencies, for instance, a war, He (PBUH) buried a lot of dead soldiers without giving them the regular washing and shrouding in order to complete the process quickly.

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Recalling the creator:

Yet, our Holy Qur’an states that;


The last messenger of Allah (PBUH), always emphasized and gave importance to:

  • Upbring a responsible acquaintance who can become the origin of frequent betterment for everyone.
  • Contribute to the current knowledge for benefiting humanity.
  • Leaving behind charity to assist the poor and needy people.

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