Son Died After Donating Liver To His Mother

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We lost another hero on a Friday; he was a hero because he wished to see his mother cured and healthy again. Umer Farooq Bajwa belonged and lived in Lahore, Pakistan.

Sarwat Sultan, his mother, was diagnosed with serious liver problems due to which, the doctors recommended them to go for a liver transplant concerning her best health.

Her son decided to volunteer for her transplant but died after donating his liver. He was shifted on a ventilator where he was for a week until he passed away on Friday.

The young student, who was studying Agronomy, died because of a failed attempt performed by the doctors working at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore. It is known that they handled this case with carelessness and negligence.

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The standard of donation follows a set of tests concerning the health of the donor to check for any present disease before stating that person suitable for donation. If any infection appears, it can develop health issues for the person in future.

However, Umer was declared healthy by the doctors without noticing the fact that he had Hepatitis E. Due to which, his health got worse after the surgery.

People then came to know that being a patient of such disease he won’t be able to afford the surgery and therefore died in the morning of Friday. It wasn’t imagined by the family and thus they faced serious aftermath over his death.

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In accordance with the further reports, Sarwat Sultan is also grieving on the loss of her son. And now, as the liver donated was already infected, she also received the infection of Hepatitis E after the implantation.

This situation is alarming for the Health Ministry of Pakistan being a second failed attempt performed at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital for Liver cases.

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