Semi-Naked Saudi Fan Waving Saudi Flag Creates Outrage

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A semi-naked fan of the Saudi national team has been spotted, who came to the Moscow Luzhniki stadium to support his favorite team.

The staff captures a girl whose appearance completely breaks stereotypes about the representatives of Saudi Arabia. Instead of the usual abaya, she wore a green light dress, revealing her shoulders, instead of a handkerchief or niqaba ‑ a neat bundle.

In the hands of the fan was the national flag of Saudi Arabia, which, as you know, depicts the evidence of the Islamic faith (“There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is His slave and messenger“).

At the same time, the girl wiped herself with a flag as a towel, provoking confusion among some users of social networks. Some bloggers perceived the appearance of a representative of Saudi Arabia in a public place in such an unusual form as a harbinger of a possible sexual revolution in the kingdom.

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However, the presence on the podium of the smiling half‑dressed cheerleader did not save the Saudi athletes from defeat with a crushing score of 5: 0.

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