This Is What You Should Do if Quran Falls by Mistake

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Quran falls by mistake is a possible thing, because humans make mistakes and Allah surely gave us soft corner to repent for the sins we commit.

Quran is a book of Allah and every Muslim respect the holy Quran from all of his or her heart and never want to disrespect it in any way but sometimes, by mistake it falls down. We get a lot of questions asking us what should we do if Quran falls by mistake, so we are going to answer it today.

What to do if Quran falls from hand or some place ?

Mufti Menk told in a video, that whenever the Quran falls down, we must need to pick it up, kiss it and pray 2 Rakah Salah to seek forgiveness on the mistake you or someone committed.

What is even more disrespectful than dropping Quran ?

The biggest disrespect to Quran is that we kept it enclosed in the shelves and never bother to read it once a month!

The biggest sin than this is that we do not read the real message of Quran and keep it locked up in the cupboard. Many people memorize the surahs from Quran and when people ask what is the meaning than, they say that they do not know the meaning.


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