Pakistani Politician Compares Herself To Fatima (RA) And People Are Enraged

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Maryam Nawaz Sharif, who is the daughter of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who had been charged in corruption case and then Pakistani court has dismantled him from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan, his daughter has said that she is playing the same role as Fatima RA played for his father Muhammad (PBUH).

Adding more details to it, Maryam Nawaz Sharif is the same lady whose whole family is being named in Panama papers. Panama papers show that they own their own companies outside the country while Pakistan suffers to have stability in the country.

Watch this video of her comparing herself to Fatima Zahra (RA)

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This is so wrong on many levels, comparing oneself to the daughter of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad PBUH is not acceptable at all. People in Pakistan are enraged about the fact that she is using pure names for her dirty politics.

As elections are nearing in Pakistan the politicians are using their best tactics to gain the vote bank in Pakistan. After being named in Panama papers, Maryam Nawaz Sharif now taking Islam’s help to play sentiments of the people living in Pakistan.

Fatima Zahra (RA) was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), wife of Ali (RA) and mother of Hassan (RA) and Hussain (RA). People in Pakistan are enraged after she passed the remarks about such a pious lady. No Muslim can bear the pure personalities being compared to the corrupt ones.

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People all around the world have taken these words very seriously and recording the protest against her by using social media. Even uploaded many articles and pictures to urge people not to support her as she has insulted the daughter of Muhammad (PBUH), wife of Ali (RA and mother of Hassan (RA) and Hussain (RA).

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