Pakistani Saved Up Money For 43 Years To Perform Hajj, Dies in Makkah

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43 years is a long time to collect money to perform Hajj, but this Pakistani Hajj pilgrim saved up money for 43 years and eventually died on a pure land.

This Pakistani pilgrim did not have enough means so he could perform Hajj, but he did something which will surely bring tears to your eyes.

This Pakistani pilgrim sold the land he used to own and later worked on that land after selling it to his friend. And the money he used to earn, he saved up for about 43 years so he could perform Hajj.

This picture of this Pakistani Hajj pilgrims is going viral where he could easily be been seen lying down, he is not just lying, he lost the battle of his life on the land of Makkah, and met his creator in Ihram. SubhanAllah!

One of the most amazing thing that he died after performing Hajj, people are proud that he finally fulfilled lifelonglong dream.

Many twitter users have been seen praising the devolution and motivation showed by this pilgrim. Breaks our hearts.

It is still unknown, that in which part of Pakistan he lived and there are still no sign of his Family. But the investigation team has declared that this pilgrims had came from Pakistan.

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This picture moved the hearts of many, brought tears in the eyes of many when they saw how Allah calls their favourite people. Many people have been seen praying that Allah calls them the same way he called this Pakistani Hajj pilgrim.

We can pray that his family find out that he is no more, and for that ca,use we need to circulate this article so it reaches his family, and if you know someone in Pakistan then tag them too so they can help us in identifying this Hajj pilgrim from Pakistan.

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