Pakistan Decides To Celebrate Sister’s Day on Valentine’s Day

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Pakistani university in Faislabad has taken an initiative to celebrate Valentine’s day on 14th of Feburary as Sister’s Day.

On Sister’s day people in Pakistan will gift Hijab and Abayas to female students.

A university in Faislabad, Pakistan made an effort to deminish Western culture by introducing a positive event for the people to follow all accorss the globle starting from Pakistan.

University of Agriculture in Faisalabad (UAF) is located in the Center of Punjab Province which was the hub of inventing this Islamic ethical tradition, eliminating the western culture in Pakistan.

Zafar Iqbal, who is the Vice Chancellor at University of Agriculture in Faisalabad told that in Pakistani culture women are free to earn and go out as per their liking, and we Pakistanis give them equal opportunities.

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He said that Pakistanis are forgetting their culture and islamic values and promoting such an event will hel them remember their reality and make them realize that it is Allah who they belong. He said that The University of Agriculture in Faisalabad will distribute scarves, gowns and shawls among all teh female students on the 14th of February.

The University of Agriculture in Faisalabad spokesman Qamar Bukhari told that they are fundraising to give as many scarves as possible to women, to show them that they are respected. And this is added that the scarves will be given by Administration not by random boys in the campus.

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Pakistan each year see a lot of boom in sales of flowers and Valentine’s day themed activities which are still happening, as a large number of people are following the trend and actively participating in it.

Meanwhile, many Pakistanis are showing anger over the change of event as they called it the administration is forcing them to follow the trend when they do not want to.

On the other side, a large number of people are praising the act.

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