Famous American Rapper Wiz Khalifa Shows Support For Palestine

wiz khalifa

Rap Superstar Wiz Khalifa recently showed support for the Palestinian people’s struggle against the Israel Zionist army.

Famous American rapper Wiz Khalifa joins the ranks of other celebrities showing support for the Palestinian people’s struggle against Israel’s cruelty. On August 9, a TikTok user with the username @nooriiqaddoura shared a video showing rapper Wiz Khalifa lifting a Palestinian scarf and showing it to his fans from the stage while performing a song at his show in Dallas, United States.

Before the song “See You Again,” the rapper supported the Palestinian people. Several other Hollywood celebrities had already loudly shown their support for Palestine. They strongly condemned the Israeli attacks on Palestine, which resulted in hundreds of civilians being killed and others forced to live under fright.

Supermodel sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are among the most vocal celebrities voicing Palestinian rights on social media. They consistently post an attitude of solidarity for Palestine, the birthplace of their father, despite repeatedly getting hate comments for their bravery.

Other celebrities such as actor Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Gael García Bernal, Viggo Mortensen, and dozens of other film industry figures even signed a petition supporting the pro-Palestinian stance of their professional colleague Emma Watson who voiced her solidarity with the Palestinian people by uploading a picture of the Palestinian action with the caption, “Solidarity is a verb.”

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had recently suffered again when Israel launched air strikes in the three-day war against the Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip. The three-day war only stopped when the Israeli forces and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group announced a ceasefire on Sunday, August 7.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that fighting in the Gaza Strip from August 5 to 7 left at least 49 people dead, including 17 children and four women and 360 others injured.

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