Friday Prayers in Washington DC Masjid Muhammad Interrupted by Bomb Threat

Authorities in Washington DC responded to a threat that was later determined to be unfounded.
Masjid Muhammad in Washington, DC
Photo: Shakir Muhammad

WASHINGTON DC – A fake bomb threat caused a major disruption at the Mohammed Mosque (Masjid Muhammad) in Washington, D.C. during Friday prayers, raising significant concerns within the local community. However, rapid and effective action taken by law enforcement ensured the safety of the congregation, as it was swiftly determined that the threat was baseless.

Following the information, the Metropolitan Police Department was alerted about the potential threat. Police officers promptly arrived at the mosque and safely evacuated worshippers during their prayers. Additionally, a specialized bomb squad and trained dogs for detecting explosives were dispatched to the scene.

Imam Yusuf Selim recounted the tense moment when law enforcement arrived at the mosque during his sermon. The bomb threat momentarily disrupted the peaceful gathering, but Selim’s utmost concern was the safety of the worshippers. Working in coordination, Mohamed Abdulmalik, the mosque’s security head, efficiently led the congregation in leaving the premises. Importantly, the dogs used in the evacuation were contained to an area separate from the prayer space.

Imam Selim emphasized that the bomb experts concentrated their efforts on the specific area mentioned in the threat. As it gradually became evident that the threat lacked credibility, the congregation was allowed to re-enter the mosque and continue their prayers. Despite the incident ultimately proving to be without substance, its impact on the community was enduring. Selim stressed the significance of authorities treating such matters with the gravity they deserve.

Mohamed Abdulmalik expressed gratitude for the rapid response of the authorities, even though subsequent investigation confirmed the situation was a false alarm. Law enforcement officials categorized the incident as a “hate crime,” underlining the concerning biases that can lead to threats against places of worship.

The chaotic incident reminds the challenges faced by several religious communities. Although the threat turned out to be completely baseless the vigilance demonstrated by not only the Mosque’s officials but the congregation and law enforcement agencies serves as a testament to the importance of unity during tough times.

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