This Saudi Cleric Called Valentine’s Day A “Positive Event”

Ahmed Qassim al Ghamdi valentines day positive event
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Positive Event were the remarks of a prominent saudi arabian cleric when asked whether Valentine’s Day celebration is allowed in Islam or not.

Ahmed Qassim al Ghamdi, who is the former chief of Islamic police in the holy Makkah, has called Valentine’s Day a “Positive social event”. His comments about Valentine’s day was encouraged by the saudi Crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s liberal vision of Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Qassim al Ghamdi said;

This is a positive event and it does not violate the sharia law, which means it is a positive social event for all of us to celebrate. In the past this event has been spread as an event which contradicts with the Islamic views, which is not true.

Furthermore, Ahmed Qassim al Ghamdi said;

Valentien’s day is a great occasion to greet each other and tell the other person how much do you love them. It brings more love, peace and harmony between the people living all around the world.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a number of reforms which is more directed towards the Liberalism within Saudi Arabia, and these liberal views are empowered by the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, which was initiated by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman whose mission is to bring moderate Islam to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia had also opened the cinemas into Saudi Arabia which was once considered as one of the things which was prohibited.

On the day of Valentine in Saudi Arabia Florist sold the Red flowers and Balloons openly to the general public to promote Valentine’s day. All of this happened without any trouble facing. Valentine’s day which was once a Taboo in Saudi Arabia is now being promoted as a part of Liberalism in Saudi Arabia.

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