Quran Vandalized In Stockholm Mosque in Sweden

Quran Vandalized In Stockholm Mosque

There has been a condemnation of the latest attack on a mosque in Stockholm following the discovery of a damaged copy of the Qur’an left chained up outside the entrance.

Last Friday, the Stockholm Central Mosque released images of the damage to the Holy Book of Muslims.

According to the statement, this type of threat frequently occurs at the mosque.

An article posted on Facebook by the mosque condemned the practice of tying a damaged Qur’an to garden bars next to the mosque’s door and hanging it there.

We receive threats from a wide range of sources. “Racists always seek to smear those who differ from them,” the report stated.

“To attract the attention of both our congregation and the general public and to prevent hate crimes from becoming normalized,” the mosque stated in a statement.

Nevertheless, the attack is not an isolated incident as the mosque has previously been attacked by Islamophobes, including when graffiti and writings attacking Islam were painted on its doors.

It has been a while since the Qur’an has been attacked in Sweden. As the leader of the far-right Danish anti-immigration party, Rasmus Paludan regularly organizes Quran-burning tours across the two Scandinavian countries despite protests that lead to riots.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Mahmoud Khalfi revealed that he was personally witnessing to the burning of the Quran in Stockholm last December and that it was a painful experience for him.

Islam reveres the Quran as God’s word. Accordingly, burning the Quran is extremely damaging to us Muslims.

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