Practicing Muslims in Bangladesh are in crisis

Muslims in Bangladesh

Day by day, Bangladesh is becoming more dangerous for Islamists. Here Hindus are getting high-level jobs, including administration, And they are trying to suppress those pro-Islam among the Muslims.

A few days ago, a policeman lost his job after allegedly making controversial comments about wearing teep (Hindu girls wear it on the forehead). In the incident, he was harassing a Tejgaon College teacher Lata Samaddar for “wearing teep.”

Tejgaon College teacher Lata Samaddar complained that a policeman harassed and hurled abusive words at her after seeing a teep on her forehead while she was going to the campus on Saturday.
Policeman Md. Nazmul Tarek, who lost his job in the ‘tip incident,’ But policemen alleged that the investigating officer of the incident gave a fabricated investigation report without any evidence, which is entirely false and fabricated.

He demanded justice for the investigating officer and complainant, Lata Samdar. If not, he announced to take legal action against those involved.

He demanded this justice in a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity. His wife and children were present at the press conference.

Recently, Nazmul demanded to get his job back with his wife and children in front of the National Press Club. He also said that he is living a miserable life with his family.

In a written statement at the press conference, Nazmul said, “There was a heavy jam at the Farmgate Sejan Point area around 8:30 that night due to the government recruitment examination on Saturday.” Due to this, he was driving the motorcycle from the opposite direction. While talking on mobile, a polite lady accidentally bumped into my motorcycle looking glass. As a result, he got very angry and said, “Look at the power of the police.” Saying this, she started shouting. Saying ‘sorry’ to her could not make him every day.”

Nazmul Tarek said, “When I wanted to go forward with the motorcycle, she pulled the shoulder badge of the uniform, and I fell on the spot with my bike.” After that, I picked up the bike myself and left the place. Four days after the incident, I know through various electronic and print media that she filed a GD against me at Sherbangla Nagar police station. She mentioned that he was a victim of harassment by wearing a teep on her forehead.

“On his false report, I was unfairly dismissed from my job on August 11. I did not get any financial benefit, including pension, through this. It has caused a financial loss of more than two crore rupees. Socially I have also lost respect. So I will take legal action against those who gave this false report,” he said.

Practicing Muslims in Bangladesh are harassed in various ways. For example, many examples of not getting a job because of a beard or a cap. And if they wear beards and caps, they are quickly labeled as terrorists.

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