Pilgrims To Scan Barcode At Automated Gates To Enter Riaz Ul Jannah

System for visiting Rawdah Sharif digitized.
Gate of Rawdah (tomb of the Prophet in Al Masjid al Nabawi
Image: Omar A.

The new system includes booking through an app scanning the barcode at automated gates. The digital system has made the visit to the Prophet’s mosque more easier and comfortable 

The Prophet’s Mosque Agency and several other Authorities have introduced a new system for visiting Rawdah Sharif in the Mosque of the Prophet.

The system uses the latest digital technologies and requires visitors to scan a barcode at automated gates to enter the Rawdah Sharif.

The agency explained that the Rawdah visit should start from the Nusuk platform, where the visitor will get instructions in multiple languages on how to perform the visit easily.

The visitor will get a message to confirm the appointment after booking through the app. The visitor will also get a reminder 24 hours before the visit date, asking to confirm or cancel, and the barcode will not work before the scheduled time.

When the visitor reaches the Prophet’s Mosque courtyards, he will be guided by screens to the designated entrances for the visit. 

He will be welcomed by trained staff and led through the stages of the visit. Before reaching the Rawdah Sharif, the visitor will scan the barcode at the automated gates and then go to the waiting area and then to the grouping for entry. 

The visitor will be sent back through the assigned areas if the permit is not active at that time.

The Prophet’s Mosque Agency has set a special path for people with special needs and the opening areas will be based on the capacity of the Rawdah Sharif.

Electronic screens have been installed in several languages to teach visitors about the manners of visiting, and the waiting areas are well-equipped to ensure their comfort. 

When the time of visit comes, the visitors will be directed to the entrance of the Rawdah Sharif through organized and standardized paths until they reach the place of prayer. When the visiting time Is over, visitors will be directed to the assigned exits.

The follow-up will also be done through advanced digital systems that use smart cameras and sensors to monitor the entry and exit patterns and know the numbers of visitors through interactive thermal and geographical maps. 

The joint control rooms will handle the crowd management and digital systems, bringing all the concerned parties together to register visitors for direct coordination among them. 

It will come up with quick solutions in case of any overcrowding and will issue regular reports to constantly develop and improve the services.

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