Pakistan Is The World’s Biggest Refugee Hosting Country

Pakistan Refugee Hosting Country

Refugee Hosting Country in the world which enters the high amount of refugees in the whole world as per the latest report by UNITED NATIONS is Pakistan.


As per the report of United Nations, Pakistan is crowned as the world’s biggest refugee hosting country as it hosts about 1.6 million Afghan refugees which out classes every other country in this race. The list were as following;

  1. Pakistan – Over 1.6m Refugees
  2. Lebanon – 1.1m Refugees
  3. Iran – 982,000 Refugees
  4. Turkey – 824,000 Refugees
  5. Jordan – 737,000 Refugees
  6. Ethiopia – 588,000 Refugees
  7. Kenya – 537,000 Refugees
  8. Chad – 455,000 Refugees

UNHCR compiled data with biggest organizations and surveys and being presented in the United Nations. As well as a total of 5 Muslim countries are appreciated to take the highest number of refugees from all around the world whereas Pakistan tops the list for hosting a greater number of refugees.

Pakistan has faced so many bad times despite of that Pakistan never restricted anyone to enter in their homeland, they are an epitome of kindness which gives us an example of how Muslims nations towards the people who are poor and needs a place o stay.

Refugees all around the world has showed a great amount of increase after Syrian Civil War, which resulted in the displacement of the number of people all around the world, and most of the emerging nations have closed their doors for them to enter in their borders while Canada took few number of refugees and treated them well.

To be noticed that, Turkey as well as Lebanon also took a great amount of refugees which also shows their gratitude towards these people who are helpless sitting around the borders. To be notice, in Pakistan, the refugees are free to do their own business as well as can work and earn as much as they can and this is what makes Pakistan tops the list.

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