One Person Dying of Coronavirus Every 2 Minutes In Iran, Health Officials

One Dying of Coronavirus Every 2 Minutes In Iran

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Due to the pandemic coronavirus, Iranian authorities shared shocking statistics that represent the massive spread of the native COVID-19 virus.

The nation thus appears to be the third-worst affected country in the world and topmost affected in the Middle East, with many virus-based deaths at the moment.

The health ministry spokesman, Kianush Jahanpur, stated on Twitter that based on the data they have received, a person dies every 2 minutes.

He further added that approximately more than 50 people are getting into effect after every hour due to the virus.

Because of the widespread of the virus, the death toll in the country has reached many by claiming many lives. And more than 1,000 deaths are known to be reported for the last 24 hours. Iran-based Medics are overwhelmed with the number of patients, with 18,407 infected so far.

The war against the contagious virus is becoming vulnerable by the extreme sanctions imposed by the US against Tehran, which Washington has refused to conclude or loosen despite the international calls they received.

The government has ordered the locals to remain indoors and prevent commuting to assist in controlling the virus.

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