Muslim Boys In India Created Flying Car and an e-Bike

Muslim Boys In India Created Flying Car and an e Bike.

Recently a Muslim boy in India made such inspirational technological innovation. He is Mohammad Faizan, a tech-savvy student of 8th grade from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Faizan shocked social media after converting an ordinary paddle bicycle into an electric bike (e-bike).

The bicycle he created is equipped with several features, including a self-starter switch, accelerator, clutch, rest, and other parts. Through a video uploaded on Youtube, it is known that this electric bicycle is equipped with an electric motor, where Faizan connects the motorbike to a rechargeable battery which takes two hours to get fully charged.

The e-bike can reach a distance of about 50 kilometers per charge where there is a digital indicator displays the remaining battery level. Faizan claims that this innovative bike is capable of a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour which we can see in the available speedo-meter.

The technological innovation that Faizan has created has undoubtedly impressed many people and broke the recent negative stereotype of the 14% Muslim minority community in India.

Meanwhile, another young man from Uttar Pradesh, named Muhammad Furkan Shoaib, an aeronautical engineer that has succeeded in realizing the dream of millions of Indians to drive a flying car in the sky. Furkan and several others on his team have been working on India’s first hybrid flying car project.

The company that oversees the production of the car, VINATA Aeromobility, recently presented the prototype of the first flying car in Asia to the Minister of Civil Aviation of the Union, Jyotiraditya Scindia, at the London Helitech Exposition on October 5, 2021.

The car that will be produced in 2023 gained a lot of attention, with many Indian news channels broadcasting the launch of this car. They praised this innovation as a “Make In India” project but unfortunately did not mention Furkan’s contribution.

In contrast to a US website called “Future Flight,” which also covered this innovation, intensely appreciating Muhammad Furkan’s extraordinary contributions in the field of aviation.

It is undeniable that Muhammad Furkan’s innovation has made all the people of India proud. This innovation surely will also be an inspiration for young people, especially Muslim youths who also want to produce extraordinary works like that in the future.

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