Masjid an-Nabawi Visitors To Receive Guidance in 15 Languages

More than 556,000 worshipers have been able to access guidance services at the holy site.
masjid an nabawi saad
Photo: Saad Alkot

The Saudi news agency SPA reported that guidance in the Prophet’s Mosque, Islam’s second holiest site in Medina, is offered in 15 languages, as many worshippers are visiting the place.

There are seventy interpreters, both male and female, available all day to assist visitors at specific locations within the mosque. They offer their services in a total of 15 languages, such as:

  • English
  • French
  • Urdu
  • Persian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Hausa
  • Bengali
  • Turkish
  • Hindi.

Throughout the day, 70 male and female translators help guests of God and visitors in various key spots at the Prophet’s Mosque:

  • Bab Al-Salam Square
  • Gate No. 1
  • King Fahd Gate No. 21
  • Al-Majidi Gate
  • Exits from courtyards 316 – 320 – 328 – 338 – 360 – 364.

Spatial guidance services in languages also offer temporal guidance, helping visitors to schedule their prayers, attend lessons and lectures, and plan visits to museums and exhibitions.

Additionally, cultural guidance is provided, offering historical and cultural information related to the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as other services available at the mosque.

Besides offering guidance in various languages, the organization also gives temporal guidance. This involves updating visitors and worshippers about prayer times, classes, talks, and visiting hours for museums and exhibits.

Furthermore, they provide cultural guidance by sharing details about the history and culture of the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as statistics about the services offered within the mosque.

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