Jonathan Glazer Calls To End War In Gaza During Oscars 2024 Winning Speech

The Director of The Zone Of Interest, Jonathan Glazer, used the Oscar platform to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as a result of the conflict.
Jonathan Glazer
Photo: NBC News

Jonathan Glazer, Oscar Winner Highlights Israel-Gaza Conflict in His Speech.

Rabat, the director Jonathan Glazer, celebrated a moment of triumph at the 96th Academy Awards as he clinched applause and cheers for his film “The Zone of Interest.”

This German-language script, shot in Poland, based on Martin Amis’ novel, earned Glazer the Oscar for Best International Feature Film, marking the first win for Britain in this category. The film delves into the life of a Nazi commander and his wife striving to create their ideal life adjacent to the Auschwitz concentration camp, vividly portraying the dehumanizing conditions endured by detainees.

What stood out even more was Glazer’s bold stance during his acceptance speech, making him the sole recipient to address the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza and the hardships faced by Palestinians under Israeli rule. His remarks, which gained attention on social media, resonated deeply.

Accompanied by his producer James Wilson on stage, Glazer emphasized that their creative decisions aim to educate the audience about the present reality, highlighting the severe outcomes of dehumanization. Glazer and Wilson, who are both Jewish, refused to let their background and the Holocaust be wrongly used to support the ongoing occupation and violence in Gaza.

Glazer’s outspokenness sparked controversy, particularly among supporters of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) operations in Gaza, where the death toll among Palestinians continues to rise. Conversely, Majed Bamya, Palestine’s Deputy Permanent Observer at the United Nations (UN), applauded Glazer’s courageous stance, acknowledging the power of his speech.

Glazer’s stance wasn’t isolated; it paralleled the support voiced by other celebrities at the Academy Awards. Singer Billie Eilish and actors Mark Ruffalo, Ramy Youssef, and Mahershala Ali, among others, adorned red pins in solidarity with the call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Their collective actions underscored the growing recognition and advocacy within the entertainment industry for peace and justice in the region of Palestine.

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