Jamiat Ulama in India announced to give 5 lakh Indian rupees to the student who was protesting saying Allahu Akbar

Jamiat Ulama in India 5 lakh muskan khan

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Jamiat Ulama Hind has announced a reward of five lakh Indian rupees for Muskan Khan bint Hussain Khan, a brave student of Mahatma Gandhi College in Udupi district of Karnataka, who was protesting against the hijab of Hindu extremists by saying, Allahu Akbar.

Jamiat Ulama in India Muskan Khan

The party’s president Maulana Mahmud Asad Madani made the announcement on Jamiat’s verified Facebook page on Tuesday night.

At the same time, Maulana Madani congratulated the student for such a courageous protest and wished her a bright future.

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