Indian Muslim Law Board Declares Inter-Faith Marriages “Illegal”

Indian Muslim Law Board Inter faith Marriages
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Indian Muslim law board requested that parents, guardians, mosque leaders, and religious school representatives prevent inter-religious marriages; in a paper issued in this respect, AIMPLB interim general secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani emphasised.

LUCKNOW: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has advised Muslims not to get into marital relationships with non-Muslims. Marriage among Muslims and non-Muslims is “illegal” and “regrettable,” according to the Board.

Marriage among Muslims and non-Muslim is regarded as illegitimate, even if it looked legal according to societal standards. “This is not deemed legal according to Sharia rules,” Maulana Rahmani told reporters.

According to the board member, elements such as co-working spaces, familial nurture, and a lack of religious instruction led to partnerships in which Muslims married non-Muslims.

Giving a rationale for issuing the instructions, Maulana said that it was necessary to take measures since many Muslim females left with non-Muslim lads and afterward had to endure challenges or lost their lives.

In its seven-point instruction to the Islamic population, the board stated that families should monitor their children’s usage of mobile devices and not enroll their children, particularly girls, in co-educational institutions.

Muslim families are urged not to postpone their children’s weddings, particularly those of females, because “late marriages give birth to many such issues.” It also requested that weddings be solemnized simply.

It also requested the community’s religious leaders continuously provide Friday sermons and clerics to conduct discussions on Islamic teachings on marriage within the Muslim population.

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