447 Mosques Destroyed in Gaza

Along with several other mosques, the Israeli Occupation has also destroyed the Oldest Mosque in Gaza.
Destroyed mosque in Gaza
Image by Reuters

The total count of mosques destroyed in Gaza amid the conflict crosses 447 mosques.

The Israeli occupation has been attacking Gaza relentlessly for the past few months which has claimed more than 25,000 lives. The airstrikes from the Israeli forces that started on October 7th, 2023 have not only targeted thousands of lives but have also destroyed around 447 mosques completely.

These mosques in Palestine were not only a holy place of worship for Muslims but were also a symbol of history, heritage, and resilience.

As per reports, the Israeli airstrikes bombed the famous Omari Mosque in December 2023. It is considered to be one of the oldest construction of mosques and was built in the seventh century.

The destruction of religious places has been a source of controversy and international concern. However, Israel defended itself by stating that mosques were used by Hamas for cover. Thus these bombings are only being carried out to destroy Hamas. However, this claim doesn’t have any sound proof.

Moreover, several other religious places have also been targeted in Gaza by Israeli soldiers including the third oldest church in the world, the Church of Saint Porphysrius.

Added to this 100 Muslim preachers have been brutally killed in the attacks. Moreover, even offices and Quranic schools have been destroyed. As per the Gaza Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, a cost of around $500 million will be required to construct the demolished mosques.

The ministry condemned Israeli occupation for violation of the sanctity of mosques and graveyards. It called for international laws and human rights to stand for Palestinians in Gaza and support their struggle for a peaceful life.

With around 80% of Gaza’s infrastructure being destroyed, 447 mosques are now under rubble leaving the individuals in a dire humanitarian situation.

As the condition becomes worse the Palestinians are demanding an end to Israel’s siege and are calling for the international community to recognize their right to self-determination.

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