400 Palestinians Dead In Last 24 Hours In Gaza

Gazans face the worst consequences as Israel’s air strike attacks enter the 17th day.
Gaza bombing
Image Credit: Ali Jadallah/Anadolu/Getty Images

GAZA – Gazans face the worst nightmares as Israel’s bombing of buildings and hospitals claims thousands of lives. The healthcare system in Gaza is on the edge of collapsing. However, Western leaders continue to support Israel’s massacre, giving it the name of Israel’s self-defense.

The devastating violence of the Israel bombing is claiming more than 400 lives every 24 hours. The Gazans are enduring the worst nightmares with the depletion of all the medical facilities, as half of the hospitals have crippled

Israel’s blockade of Gaza has led to a severe shortage of medical resources required to treat the injured. The whole healthcare system in Gaza is on the edge of collapsing, with only a fraction of aid reaching the ones who need it the most.

Even though Israel has been targeting children and is carrying out pure massacres in Gaza, the Western leaders uphold their view of Israel’s self-defense. Various statements from the leaders have raised questions about the rights and safety of Palestinians. Critics argue that the factor of Israel’s self-defense overlooks the impact of the conflict on the civilians of Palestine.

With the death toll reaching a record-breaking scale and the healthcare system in a state of severe crisis, there is an immediate need for the international community to intervene and ensure that immediate aid reaches those affected by this conflict.

As thousands of children go into rubble and many more are left orphaned, a swift, peaceful resolution is required. It is hoped that the violence serves as a call for the international forums to act to end the suffering.

Even in the face of adversity, the Palestinians have demonstrated resilience by hoping for a peaceful and brighter future.

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