Muslims again Tops The List of Faiths Facing Discrimination and Hate Worldwide

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Muslims have topped the list of faiths facing discrimination and hate all around the globe as per the latest PEW research report.

The report was issued by the Pew Research Center on the 10th of November 2020, which shows that Muslims and Christians face hostility because of their religious beliefs.

Christians and Muslims have been topping this list since 2007, cited in PEW Research Report. The research for PEW research center is done by Samirah Majumdar.

The hatred towards Muslims and Christians have rose significantly from 2017, report claimed.

Out of 198 nationals around the world, Muslims faced travel ban and government harassment in more than 126 countries and social harassment in 103 countries. In some countries, governments and local authorities have put a complete ban on Muslims.

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The report is consists of 57 pages, which shows GRI (Government Restrictions Index) has risen from 1.8 to 2.9 and has been continuously rising since 2011.

This report is the 11th annual report published by PEW Research Center to analyze which government and local authorities have been restricting religions that are leading to Muslims and Christians are on the list of faiths facing discrimination all around the world.

PEW research also cited that many Governments are using “force” that includes arrests and physical abuse to stop Muslims to practice their religion. The researcher added the reports to the report that if a Government is authoritative, it is more likely to put bans on Muslims.

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10 countries have been listed where Muslims and Christians are treated badly that includes India, Israel, Sri Lanka, these are the places where authoritative government stopping Muslims and Christians to stop practicing their religion.

Meanwhile, researchers listed France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and Denmark are the countries where Muslims and Christians face social harassment because of their faith.

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Ali Khaalid

China seems to be the most harsh country as far as banning Muslims is concerned. I wonder why this research has failed to include China in this list.

Anowar Hussain

Urge world non Muslim communities to stop hatred and fake propaganda against growing muslim population and craze for interference in the internal matters of Muslims. Why so crazy for Oil in Middle east?

A Shabbir Ahmed

According to PEW Research of 2019, Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion in the world.

Islam grew to a whopping 2 Billion and Counting Followers amidst total discrimination, hate campaigns and wars and genocide. And yet Islam is being embraced by millions the world over every year.

Had it been any other religion, it would have disappeared from the face of the earth.

So, let them do the advertising for us, we will indulge silently in Da’wah activities and millions and millions more into our Fold.

Last edited 10 days ago by Shabbir Ahmed A

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