Muslims In Germany Faced 950 Attacks In 2017, Report

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German law enforcement agencies lodged around 950 attacks on Muslims and Muslim communities, including mosques and other sites in 2017. Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung published a report in their Saturday editions, presenting the data to the lawmakers wearing them about the growing problem in Germany and hatred against Muslims.

The ministry of Germany stated that almost 33 people (Who were suppopsitdly Muslims) we injured in these attacks. Of which 60 of them were linked to the hatred against the mosques, including Pig’s blood being dropped on the door of mosque as per the newspaper “Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung” reported.

No historical data of comparison are available at the German ministry collecting data separately about the Anti-SIlamic attacks, also called as anti migrant attacks in the year 2017. As per the data collected by the German Ministry on the individual basis, the results showed that almost all those culprits involved in attacks are the right wing extremists. As per the newspaper “Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung” report.

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Central Council of Muslims, who is headed by Aiman Mazyek in Germany told the newspaper”Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung” that the number of attacks on Muslims, Muslim communities and Muslim institutions is much higher than the authorities have published new the”Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung” report. She added that there are many attacks happen on the daily basis on Muslims in Germany, but most of them go unreported as the police is usually failed to catch the culprit right on time. She further said, the numbers of attacks on Muslims are much higher as still growing.

But sadly Muslims are still being labelled as terrorists. But people are failing to determine that Muslims are not Terrorists but there is the one who are being terrorised with all these attacks happening to Muslims in their own countries as well as even if they are abroad, they still face such attacks on them.

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