Muslim Student Commit Suicide In Pakistan Because Of His Teacher

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Muslim Student Commit Suicide after his teacher kept failing him out of personal hatred towards him. He left a suicide note which says it all!

Saifullah who took his life is because he was bullied by the University administration, the family claimed.

Saifullah, a final year engineering student at Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR) took his own life after his teacher kept failing him because of that teacher hated him.

He shot himself in front of the university gate as his teacher kept failing him out of his personal grudge against Saifullah.

Saifullah left a suicide note which shook the world.

Saifullah Faisalabad’s Institute Of Engineering suicide note
Photo Credit: pakistantoday.com.pk

As per another University lecturer, he said when Saifullah shot himself so he tried to help Saifullah, but Pakistani rescue teams were highly unresponsive and seem to not care about saving his life.

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His family and friends claim that Saifullah was bullied at his University and university and that teacher is responsible for his cruel death.

Furthermore, many claims that there is a teacher who would insult Saifullah in front of everyone, knowing he was in his final year and he can not do much so he tried everything to let him down.

Meanwhile, the university says that Saifullah committed suicide due to low CGPA but his friends say that it was that teacher who kept failing him and gets his CGPA at a very low point.

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After this went viral, the University tried to take Islam’s help by writing “It’s anti-Islamic” which resulted in huge anger from Pakistani audience who claims that they are trying to hide their crime by using Islam.

Saifullah made few points very clear in his suicide note;

  1. Do not investigate my Death. Do not let authorities touch my body.
  2. I want to apologize to my Parents and Teachers.
  3. I am not depressed, not stressed. I am doing this because i want to.


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