Muslim Driver Saved A Baby From A Burning House

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A Muslim driver from Asda Home Shopping recently stated that just by his natural instinct he thought to step inside and rescued the baby from a house fire within Nottinghamshire.

On the way to his normal delivery rounds, 26 years old Habeel Khan, saw smoke near Stapleford coming out of a house. When he stopped to investigate the reason, he saw a lady with her two kids. She was shouting as her another baby was still inside the house.

habeel khan

This situation made him ran towards and step inside the house along with the woman to save her one-month-old baby. Habeel works at Asda Shopping Centre located in Bulwell. He stated that he was servicing another day in deliveries in the area of Stapleford and was in search of his customer’s house when he noticed a house full of smoke.

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He shouted and called for whether anyone is still inside or not. To which, the mother replied a child of her is still in the house. He also added that the woman didn’t realize and ran with me back inside her house. She took her baby from a room beside her kitchen, where the fire was emerging. Then we ran towards outside.

Muslim Driver Habeel didn’t leave the family and tried his best to calm and help them till the arrival of paramedics and firefighters before continuing back his remaining deliveries. He thus got praised for his courage and got named by his colleagues as “Colleague of the Year” during being ASDA Awards 2019.

habeel khan medal

He didn’t think of this praise and award and just wanted to help them thus, he conducted a little deed from the good ones. He also said that he doesn’t think he did something huge. He is thankful that everyone got safe and the family safely returned back to their house.

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