Muslim Child Marriage In Malaysia Has Caused Chaos All Around The World

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Muslim Child Marriage in which a girl tied a not to a man of the age 41 has created chais all across the the globe. People of Malaysia are calling for the minimum age to get married should be 18.

The bride’s parents have said that they have consented that the groom will not live with their daughter until she turns 16 years old.

Malaysian government says that they have no record of this muslim child marriage which took place and saying it is currently investigation.

The united Nations have raised a lot of objection over this inhumanely act committed by parents and groom. Unicef says it is not good for a child to become an adult all of a sudden,

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Background of the story

  • Many photos had already been circulating all over the internet which shows an older groom holding child bride’s hand after their wedding.
  • The groom already has two wives and fathering six children whose ages are 5 to 18, Malaysian reporter reported.
  • The brides parents live in Kelantan located in Malaysian North-eastern state. They do tapping of rubber from trees.
  • Malaysian activist says that the male is rich while the bride side is living in extreme poverty.

Malaysian law about child marriage

  • Malaysian government has the legal age of 18, while Shariah courts allows marriages at the age of 16.
  • But the local and governmental courts have no record of this marriage.
  • If there is no results found, the groom will be facing six months jail as child marriages are not allowed in Islam as well as Malaysian states.
  • Malaysian activist says a men marrying an 11 years old girl shows the man is a pedophile.
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Report shows about 16,000 Malaysian girls are already gotten married under the age of 15, which is currently in the record of Malaysian government.

Last year Malaysia passed a sex crime law but did not do anything for Muslim Child Marriages.



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