Man Abandons Her Wife While Performing Umrah After He Cheat on Her

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A video came on social media of a woman telling about the ordeal with a man who cheat on his wife in Madina, after he promised to perform Umrah with her.

Luckily, her video went viral which is being watched by many people, who helped the central authorities to take action against that man who cheat on her. Moreover, she did not have enough money to go back to her country (Pakistan), she says that all the money is being carried away by my Husband who cheated me and abandoned me during umrah.

Indeed hypocrisy is one of the worst kind of sin in today’s world. One should not left anyone to suffer like that. Sad to tell that most of the women suffer due to men doing wrong to them, although there are some women also torture men but this has to end. Because what is not right, is not right.

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After this lady being taken by the central authorities to look into her matter, but they came out as mocking this lady by calling her “Drama Queen”. The sad thing that no one takes ladies seriously no matter how worse the situation gets, one should investigate if she is speaking truth or just fooling around. if she is true, then authorities should take an action rather than just mocking her away and naming her.

Listen what she has to say about all this how her husband cheat on her

She says in a video that Husbands abandoning their wives are increasing and in every case the voice of a female gets unheard, which just happened to her that she was just mocked for raising a voice against a man.

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Let’s hope if this woman finds her husband and authorities give punishment for trapping her abroad by faking a promise to perform Umrah, indeed he insulted the Umrah by including lie in it.

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